Boston Legal Season 2 Episode List: Complete Guide

The Unforgettable Boston Legal Season 2 Episode List

As a law enthusiast and avid Boston Legal fan, I`m excited to dive into the second season of this beloved legal drama series. With its witty dialogue, compelling courtroom scenes, and unforgettable characters, Boston Legal has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. Let`s take closer look episode list season 2 relive memorable moments show.

Season 2 Episode List

<td Widow"


<td Finding Nimmo

<td A Whiff and Prayer

<td Men Boys

<td Witches Mass Destruction

<td Truly, Deeply

<td The Ass Jungle

<td Gone

<td Legal Deficits

<td The Cancer Can

<td Helping Hands

<td Much Information

<td Breast Show

<td Smile

<td Live Big

<td… Fire!

<td Shock Oww!

<td Stick It

<td Chitty Chitty Bang

<td Word Salad

<td Ivan Incorrigible

<td Race Ipsa

<td Deep End Pool

Episode Number Episode Title Air Date
1 September 27, 2005
2 October 4, 2005
3 October 11, 2005
4 October 18, 2005
5 October 25, 2005
6 November 1, 2005
7 November 8, 2005
8 November 22, 2005
9 November 29, 2005
10 December 6, 2005
11 December 13, 2005
12 January 3, 2006
13 January 10, 2006
14 January 17, 2006
15 January 24, 2006
16 February 7, 2006
17 February 14, 2006
18 February 28, 2006
19 March 7, 2006
20 March 14, 2006
21 March 28, 2006
22 April 11, 2006
23 April 18, 2006
24 May 2, 2006

Looking at this impressive list of episodes, it`s clear that Boston Legal continued to deliver top-notch legal drama and entertainment in its second season. The show tackled a wide range of legal issues while also exploring the personal lives of its characters. Whether it was a thought-provoking courtroom battle or a heartwarming moment between colleagues, Boston Legal never failed to captivate its audience.

One of the standout aspects of Boston Legal is its ability to address complex legal topics while infusing humor and humanity into the storytelling. Each episode offered a unique blend of legal cases, personal struggles, and ethical dilemmas, making it a truly engaging and thought-provoking series.

As I reflect on the second season of Boston Legal, I`m reminded of the show`s ability to both entertain and educate its audience. The captivating storytelling, memorable characters, and stellar performances made it a standout legal drama that continues to be celebrated by fans to this day. The episode list for season 2 is a testament to the show`s enduring impact and its ability to tackle important legal issues with nuance and depth.

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